Local Airwaves Are Buzzing About The CCC!

As the April 18th application deadline draws near, news of the Construction Contractors' College (CCC) has the local airwaves buzzing!  The news is spreading and spreading quickly of the launching of this free program. Here's what journalist Carolyn Campbell  (News 92 FM) and Executive Director  Tandelyn Weaver (Kingdom Builders' Center) are saying:     Mrs. Weaver has been quite busy making appearances all around town as the word spreads.  She... Read More
Posted by Brena Phelps at Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Construction Contractors' College: Preparing Small Construction Contractors to Bid, Win & Thrive

The City of Houston has over $2 Billion in Bond money for the construction of  HISD schools, HCC buildings, libraries, fire stations, and parks. Metro and Port of Houston have major projects underway and on the drawing board. Small construction contractors have an unprecedented opportunity to get a piece of this action. Capital One Bank and The Kingdom Builders' Center along with their partners have created this college to teach you how to make a winning bid. Enrollment is limited to... Read More
Posted by Brena Phelps at Monday, March 24, 2014

Event Planning: Getting Organized from the Ground Up

When done carefully and correctly, event planning can be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding occasions that anyone has ever had! Event planning entails coordinating functions and putting together the things that go along with them. For example, if an entire school is visiting the zoo or a museum for the day then there naturally must be event planning carried out on the components of the teachers and perhaps the parents of the students. Alternatively, there are some occasions that many... Read More
Posted by Brena Phelps at Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Truth About Creating Successful Events!

Creating a successful event that you can be proud of takes thoughtful planning and follow through.   Sometimes it seems as though no matter how far ahead you begin the planning process, there are many things to do and usually little time in which to get them done.   But with a little patience and tuning in to your instincts, you are well on your way to great planning. Be realistic As you are mapping out a plan for the event, make sure that you are realistic... Read More
Posted by Brena Phelps at Monday, November 18, 2013

What To Look For When Booking The Right Event Venue

Whether you are preparing a corporate awards dinner, a seminar or conference, birthday party, or wedding reception, choosing the right venue can prove to be more of a task than you might at first imagine. Finding the perfect venue for your gathering entails more than just locating an available event space. It requires careful consideration and research to find the location that can provide everything you will need to make your event, business or personal, a raving success. Match... Read More
Posted by Brena Phelps at Monday, October 14, 2013

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